Terms and Conditions

PDF of Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Booking and Use

We want everyone to enjoy their holiday and are not fans of lots of rules and regulations so all we ask is for you to sign up to some simple promises.

Be Nice

Everyone has bad days but try not to let them spoil other campers enjoyment. Use that four letter word LOVE as much as you like but no others. Consider other campers, and if the children are restless arrange supervised games or enjoy the nearby beaches.

Be Sober

Enjoy alcohol in moderation and remember the only legal stimulant on our site is a cup of strong coffee.

Be Cool

Relax, if you play an instrument, ask fellow campers if they mind. If they like the sound of you they may ask for camp fire sonatas. Everyone will thank you for leaving the Ghetto Blaster at home.

Be Safe

Strictly No Fires….but you can BBQ in the special pits provided, and adults can enjoy open fires in the fire pit. Please do not move BBQ stands they are placed over sand pits to prevent ground fires. Children are not allowed near the fire pit unless accompanied by a responsible adult.  Please don’t bring axes, knives and machetes on site.

Our site has some steep inclines please take a torch when walking at night.  Make sure you know that your children are playing safely and don’t let them be tempted to dig into the sides of the sandbanks.

Be Good

We would like this place to bring enjoyment to people for years to come and need an income to make that possible.

Please let us know if you can’t make it and please pay your balance due before pitching on your first night.

Please ensure when booking that you accurately describe and pay for the number of people in your party.

Extra people can be added after booking providing you declare and pay for these people before pitching.  The company has a strict “Zero Tolerance” policy towards unauthorised visitors displayed onsite.  Please see the company’s “Not Paid Notice” for details.

If your party is larger than the one you booked and paid for please pay for extras immediately upon arrival.  Unauthorised entry is charged at £200 per person per occasion.

Use only bought seasoned wood, “bonfires” of unseasoned wood will just fill the site with smoke and annoy everyone. Please don’t steal wood from us – it pays our wages.

Accidents do happen to our equipment occasionally, please be good and own up to it.

Be Blessed

Acceptance of Conditions. I promise to accept the above conditions of booking and use and understand that if any of the above are breached we will be asked to pay extra charges and leave the site immediately.

Booking Policy

Please be advised unless you receive the booking confirmation e-mail, your booking is not yet confirmed.

Choose carefully. Check the pitch you book meets your needs.

Pitches are let for our campers OWN tents.

Arrivals Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s. Our non-arrivals days are Wednesdays and Sundays. Pitches are available for check in from 1200hrs to 1900hrs. On arrival please go to reception to collect your wristbands. 

Departure. Please vacate by 1200hrs on the day of departure.

Dogs go free. 2 dogs max per camping party. Please clear up after your dog.

Unauthorised Admission You could be charged up to £200 per occasion for all unauthorised admissions. This includes any children not declared on the booking or your day visitors. You can easily amend your booking at any time to add campers/visitors. Alternatively, we can amend your booking for you.

Music This is a quiet site, no amplified music is allowed, acoustic and instruments without amplification are allowed. Be one with the outdoors and enjoy the sounds of nature!

Please see the Terms and Conditions PDF for our refunds policy.

Love this woodland – Leave no trace.