Learning Outside the Classroom


Our 7.5 acre site at Dreamy Hollow contains 3.5 acres of an original WW1 training trench network.

This trench network is home to a local archaeology project and a project with CROWNS Trust and local schools.


We are proud to have our own Learning Outside the Classroom quality badge!!

What we offer

We offer a range of activities, including a history and prayer walk, living history experience and outdoor classes, tailored to suit the needs of your school. We aim these experiences at children aged between 5 and 11.

History and prayer walk

Teachers, come and experience the profound spiritual, moral and cultural journey back to the four years of WW1 with your class!

As part of this experience we offer a Time Trippers living history experience with “Sgt Taylor” in full WW1 battlefield uniform with officers tent and artefacts both replica and genuine.

All children regardless of learning style interact well with our activity day, taking away memories of a unique personal experience.

Read more about Time Trippers below…


The cost is dependent upon the number visiting on any one day.

Typically for a class of 40 or more we can offer a Time Trippers re-enactor with WW1 tent with artefacts from the period, plus a CROWNS Schools worker for £5.00 per head.

Visits to the trenches are in small groups and a period of no less than 90 minutes needs to be allowed per class.

Facilities on site include 3 flushing toilets with hot water, 2 hot water showers and drinking water.

There is a bus stop at Monks Close within easy walking distance to the site.

Please submit a booking form (download is at the bottom of this web page) and wait for written confirmation before visiting for any activity.


If you have any questions regarding the school visit days please contact us on 07564226780 or email us at dreamyhollowbircham@gmail.com.

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